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Welcome to Sewing Technology.net!

The website dedicated entirely to Fittingly Sew.
Fittingly sew is the leading software program in pattern drafting. Great solution for small businesses, designers and home sewing.

Fittingly Sew gives you the opportunity to be as creative as you can be.

Here you will learn to share ideas and create patterns using your slopers. Many people make their own clothes so that they can achieve the perfect fit which is so important for good looking garments. Making your own garments may sound like a fomidable task but with Fittingly Sew you'll find it is fun and very easy, in fact drafting patterns with Fittingly Sew is the simplest form of pattern making.

This powerful programme which gives users freedom to   create whatever they want. The only limitation is your imagination!  

Making your own patterns can be very rewarding and very profitable. Think about the cost you will save by making your own patterns and clothes. Even more satisfactory, is the fact that the designs you, your customers, family or friends are wearing are your very own. Design and make one-of-a-kind pieces

Get to grips with Fittingly Sew quickly and easily by following our Getting Started manual Create Patterns with Fittingly Sew Series 1 for only £9.99 when you purchase Fittingly Sew from us. See the Shopping Cart for this limited offer.